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Spring is in the air and it is time for some color!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

The southern parts of the country have lots of plants blooming. The snow covered north has a few hardy blossoms breaking through. Even Arizona is green and covered with colorful blooms. Here are some articles on various kinds of color for your enjoyment.

2010 Color trends by Sherwin Williams are great inspiration with eye candy photos. Archives to 2006.

Lost Greek city that may have inspired Atlantis myth gives up secrets

Color + Design Blog / Gods In Color: Painted Sculpture Of Classical Antiquity by COLOURlovers

Talking Turquoise. The story behind this cool hue, which is dominating the design world….

The Origin of Magenta. When your name is derived from the battlefield, its no wonder people pay attention to you.

Matte Black Is the New “Black” (always been a favorite of mine!)

Shades of Night: Why is Light Essential for Your Design?

Color in Unexpected Places - these are some fun ideas, try one out!

Textile Trends for 2010

Specialty paint ideas. I like faux chair rail and stripes. Have used lace-like stencil in stripes for accent wall.

Favorite colors test shows CEOs are different; take the test

Free Color Personality Test for fun. Ebook “Powerful Networking Secrets…” on same page is worth looking at.

HOW TO: Create That Amazing Avatar Make-up. Wow – add to your costume idea file! I need to have her over before my next costume party!

Happy creating!

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