Overcoming photo overwhelm – Filing

With the use of digital cameras, the amount of photos taken at an event has multiplied exponentially.  Instead of a roll of 24 or 36, you might have hundreds of photos.  Just the thought of going through the photos seems to be overwhelming.  So you never get to it.  Days go by, months go by, years go by… no printed photos for albums… no keepsake scrapbooks or photo books either.  Most digital photos don’t even end up in a shoebox, if you don’t go through the photos they usually don’t get printed.   It may get pushed off the to-do list, but it is still in your thoughts.  Fear not, there is a way to get through this.

Like the art of decluttering your house, but we are going to start decluttering your digital photos.  The trick with anything is life, is to stop thinking about it and JUST DO IT!  If your goal is a heirloom memory photo book of your favorite event as a meaningful, thoughtful gift for someone you love or yourself, set the goal and work toward it.  Even if it takes a bit longer than you thought, you will get there if you work toward it.

Work with yourself and your natural tendencies.  Do you have more energy in the morning or at night?  Make a game of it and work for 5 minutes at the top of the hour then stop. If you like to be spontaneous, 5 minutes when the mood strikes you.  You don’t have to complete everything in one sitting.  Just work on small 5 minutes bites at a time.  Keep going if it feels good.  Set a timer if you like.

  1. Look in your My Pictures folder.  Do you have your photos in folders by date, sorted by year?  If not, that is the first place to start.
  2. First goal – make sure all photos are in folders so you can find them.
  3. My suggestion is to make a folder with the year under My Pictures.  Then under the correct year, I make a folder with European date and event description so events sort in chronological order.  Example: 2013-07-04 fireworks  or 2013-06 Wyoming trip or 2012-12-25.
  4. Set your reward goal for your treat after you complete sorting your photos into folders.  Simple or complex, it is up to you.
  5. Set a realistic due date.  This is motivating for me.  I find without a deadline, I just don’t get to it.
  6. Move photos from Downloads directory into correct folders.
  7. Save photos from cameras, phone, emails and text messages into correct folders.  Delete email since you don’t need it any longer.  Cleaning up your inbox and folders helps relieve overwhelm too.
  8. Once you have caught up with photos, keeping up with new photos won’t be as overwhelming.
  9. Reward yourself with your goal treat!
  10. Set your next goal – which event do you want to make into a photo book?  I will go thru the steps next week!

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