The Elemental Design Muse, Suzanne Dummer Stafford, lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her son. She grew up in the beautiful Black Hills between Wyoming and western South Dakota. The area is known for Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Black Hills Gold jewelry and the Sturgis motorcycle rally. She has also lived in Denver, Colorado, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Houston, Texas before finding her home in New Orleans.

Suzanne Dummer Stafford is passionate about her journey of self discovery and learning throughout life. She is most thankful for being able to witness her beautiful son’s life journey and the freedom to pursue her spiritual practice and self discovery. She loves travel and seeing strange and unusual new things. She is very passionate about the environment and the earth – recycling, using less processed foods and NOT getting caught up in the media propaganda. She loves creating art – design, sewing, leathercraft, photos, crafts, cooking. She loves costumes, parties, Halloween and Mardi Gras. Maintaining closeness with family & friends across the miles is top priority.

Professionally, Suzanne Dummer Stafford is a licensed interior designer and owner of Elemental Design, LLC. She has over 17 years of diversified experience managing interior services for governmental and commercial entities with project size ranging up to 236,000 sq feet.

Elemental Design, LLC is dedicated to improving quality of life with meticulously detailed, functional design for every budget. The firm provides nationwide consulting and interior design services. Elemental Design, LLC was founded to be a passionate advocate and ally for those moving through the design process.

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