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Halloween pirate gift exchange

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

A pirate gift exchange is loads of fun to play at a Halloween party. Ask guest to bring a wrapped or unwrapped present up to the dollar amount you choose ($10 is good). Gifts could be Halloween, themed or toys for kids’ game. For adults, you can add gag or white elephant (funny or weird) gifts. Gift tip – buy for next year at the after holiday sales for great bargains. The host should have extra gifts ready for guests that forget to bring their gift.

Have guests draw numbers out of a treasure chest or cauldron. Guest #1 selects and opens a gift, showing to everyone ala Vanna. Guest #2 can pick out another gift or steal a gift. If a gift is stolen, that person gets another gift by picking a new gift or stealing. Typically you probably want a rule that you can’t steal the same gift more than one time per turn. You can also limit the number of steals per gift to shorten the length of the game if necessary.

I have had this activity at Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter parties and is always great fun. The more stealing of gifts, the more laughs. I have played with as few as 3 (usually no exchanges but ok for toddlers to just pick a gift) and up to 60 (lengthy with periods of great excitement). The optimum number of players seems to be about 15-20.

Toddlers and younger children might not appreciate the stealing of gifts as much unless the “pirate” stealing concept is discussed. If a child gets a gift that isn’t appropriate for them (girl’s gift for a boy, etc) the host might offer to exchange with some of the extra gifts.

Another fun party game is a Witch’s Brew Treasure Hunt. A web search lists many sources of information for this.