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Fulfilling your dreams

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Many people have dreams that they do not know how to fulfill on their own, especially in regards to the design of their offices and homes. Interior design is an art and science that assists the client in the process of bringing their dreams to life in the built environment. There are many aspects to consider of how we relate to the built environment. Here are a few articles I have found that discuss a few of these aspects.

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Practice: The Third Dimension of Brand. Integrating into how interior design is experienced

Repositioning: Breathing New Life into Older Buildings. Updates will help market positioning in future

Designing for Health: Expanding the Definition of Sustainability to Include Chemical Awareness

Transformative Design: The Means to Sustainability and Future Success

Designing for Health: Leading by Design – A Place to Flourish

Designers are Motivators – how design can have a direct positive impact on public health and well-being.

What Is Your Real Business? Interior Design? What does the client really want?

Here’s a great website to find playgrounds in your area or to help build them too

Giving and Receiving Inspiration

Happy creating!

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