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Timeless, yet Updated, Color Schemes for the Office

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Whether you are decorating your home office or a commercial space, the color scheme that you select says much about your attitude in the workplace and the philosophy of your brand.  In some cases, a logo or the company colors can dictate a color scheme, however, there are also times when you’ll have the opportunity and creative freedom to select colors all your own.  When this opportunity arises, the best bet is to pick a color scheme that is versatile and timeless yet current, and colors that encourage productivity and concentrati0n.  A backdrop of neutral pieces accented with the colors you love is always classic.

There are some colors which typically fare better in office environments than others.  These colors have stood up to the test of time and are  proven to enhance workplace  morale.

  • Beige – Steer clear of stark white and instead look for a color with more depth, such as a beige.  This is a great neutral that can be accented with bolder pops of color.
  • Olive – Olive is a warm, rich, earthy color that will keep you grounded and focused on the tasks at hand.
  • Blue – Blues from a restful light blue to a bright royal blue to a serious navy are great in the office.  Blue is the universal favorite color and most workers will be happy to see blue in the office.
  • Oranges, Yellows, and Reds – These colors should not be the main color of a room because they can make people feel irritable or agitated over long periods of time, but they are great choices for accent colors.  A bright color in small doses is perfect for keeping energy up.
  • Pink  – If you’re looking for a color  to spark creativity and imaginative thinking, pink is your color.  It’s perfect for those in creative fields.
  • Brown – From light tan to dark chocolate brown, brown is a strong color that serves as the backbone of an office.  It creates a cozy, yet studious setting.

Stay away from colors that are too bright in large quantities and color combination that contrast starkly.  These distract workers and create a current of uneasiness.

When you’re choosing the color scheme for your office, keep in mind the choices that will stick with you the longest.  Wood stains on casegoods and flooring should be versatile so that any future color fabric and paint changes will look just as stylish as the original scheme.  Dark stained wood is always classic and looks polished with beige, brown, or gray as your base color in upholstery, systems furniture, carpeting, and fabric.

Once you have a neutral backdrop in your key pieces in the office, it’s time to incorporate color.  As we covered earlier, colors that encourage energy and creativity are wonderful in office settings.  Yellow is a huge color in design right now, and orange and red are always popular.  Bright orange accent pillows in the lounge area, subtle yellow in a tackboard fabric, a well designed pink pen holder, these are all ways to incorporate color in a way that is not overwhelming yet makes an impact.  If you’re looking for a more airy, soothing palate, try light woods and laminates with creamy off whites, light blues, and pale olive greens.

Whichever colors you choose to use, make sure to base your color scheme around a grounded neutral.  This way you can accent it with bright colors that can be switched out every 5 years or every decade.  It is the more daring colors that will make an office look dated, so when those colors are easy to change, your office can remain timeless yet fresh.

Spring is in the air and it is time for some color!

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

The southern parts of the country have lots of plants blooming. The snow covered north has a few hardy blossoms breaking through. Even Arizona is green and covered with colorful blooms. Here are some articles on various kinds of color for your enjoyment.

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Happy creating!

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