Design By The Numbers...

The top 10 Reasons to work with Elemental Design for your next project:

1.   Our main goal is to create the best design for YOU.
2.   We make suggestions to stretch your project $$$$$.
3.   We will design your project to utilize your funds in the appropriate places to get the best value.
4.   We love design and are excited about solving problems and creating beautiful spaces and things.
5.   Every person deserves to have a functional, enjoyable, beautiful space and things.
6a. When your office is designed to meet the needs of your employees, they will be happier, more productive and
      your company will make more money.
6b. When your home is designed to fit your lifestyle, you will be more relaxed, comfortable and energized.
7.   We have NCIDQ qualified, registered interior designers on staff.
8.   We follow through on the details so you don't have to.
9.   We are  there to support YOU before, during and after your project is complete.
10. We sell expertise, not product.  We base our flat fees on the value of the service we provide to you.  Our
      objective product specifications can be bid competitively to get the most competitive pricing available.