Main Entry:          tes·ti·mo·ni·al

Pronunciation:    \ˌtes-tə-ˈmō-nē-əl, -nyəl\
Function:             adjective
1 : of, relating to, or constituting testimony
2 : expressive of appreciation or esteem

American Sign Language

Main Entry:          Deaf Applause
Action:                 Hold your hands in the air and twist them a couple of times.
1 : can also mean "Yay!" and "Hurrah!" or "Kudos."
2 : called TWINKLES by some groups


What is unique about Suzanne or what she does?                          July 15, 2013

It is your unique talent for creativity and delivering quality products that just can't be found anywhere else!  You have a knack for creating custom designs and graphics that are absolutely stunning!    Pam Taylor, Gulfport MS

Curious. You seem open to different perspectives.    Dorothy Wilson,  Gulfport MS

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Suzanne Stafford on several projects. I believe the most unique characteristic of Suzanne is her vision. She has the ability to listen to your vision and make it possible. As you describe to her your ideas, thoughts, and visions, she makes them a reality.    Kitsaa Stevens,  Gulfport MS

Reliable.     Geneva Dummer, Gulfport MS



Karen Seifert, New Orleans, LA                          August 19, 2010

What were the main reasons you hired our firm to assist you?  We had our kitchen, dining area and living room all one large area and were having difficulty with colors and where to place things in our new renovation.

What are you most excited about with your project results?   The color scheme and layout is awesome! We could never have come up with this on our own.

What is the biggest personal benefit to this change?   We are happy and our house looks like a home.  It is a very relaxed atmosphere – it is us.

What was the best part about working with our firm?   I think the best part about working with Suzanne was that she listened to what we wanted and helped make it our space.

Would you hire us again?  Yes

Would you recommend us to others?   Yes

 What would you tell anyone considering working with us if they were undecided or skeptical?   The professionalism and years of expertise sets them aside from anyone else.



Dr. Ron Labiche,  New Orleans, LA       August 13, 2010

What were the main reasons you hired our firm to assist you?  The main reason I was interested in Elemental Design for my project was my review of previous projects they had completed. I was impressed with the detail of design and the creative approach to previous design challenges. This is just the sort of innovative talent that solved my floorplan issues so very well.

What was your space like before you hired us?  My space had been severely out of date in that it was a design from the late 40s. It did not function well at all for modern expectations. Elemental Design was able to update form and function adding additional rooms and storage, all within the existing area and with minimal construction costs. A truly elegant solution!

What are you most excited about with your project results?  I am most excited that my residence is now very modern in layout with an open freely communicating style. I am thrilled that this result came with a high benefit to cost ratio. Any other approach I considered would have not been suitable.

What is the biggest personal benefit to this change?  The biggest personal benefit in this renovation project is the anticipated greater revenue expected from future rental compared to the previous contemplated design. Future residents will enjoy very modern comfortable living in a traditional Lakeview home.

What was the best part about working with our firm?  The best part about working with Elemental Design was the very prompt attention I received to my project. I fondly remember that evening and the interactive process that quickly focused in on the essential details and resulted in my vague dream of a modern layout becoming a real practical design on paper in my hands.

Would you hire us again?  Yes indeed, I would certainly hire you again. My happy experience with Elemental Design makes me look forward enthusiastically to another project. I am very confident in your skills and approach.

Would you recommend us to others?  Yes indeed, in fact I have recommended Elemental Design unreservedly several times to people contemplating construction and renovation projects.

What would you tell anyone considering working with us if they were undecided or skeptical?  I would suggest to anyone in that position to just sit down with Ms Stafford over a floorplan sketch. Her creative process speaks for itself. It's an impressive thing to see.

May we use your comments in our marketing?  I would be very pleased to have you use my comments in your marketing. You have my grateful and enthusiastic endorsement. That reference is fine with me,


N.T./B.D., GSA, PBS, Realty Services Div.
N.T.  See M.L.'s (US Courts client) comments - this is a good email to receive!!!     Thanks Suzanne and B. for all of the good work on this project!!!
B.D. All credit is due Suzanne; can we clone her?

L.B., U.S. District Court Clerk
You're amazing!  I've sent these off to the Judge who made the suggestion.    Nice timing, since G. and I mentioned how terrific you were to work with - and then you crank this back out in two seconds.   
Thank you!!

E.N., GSA Real Estate Design & Construction Div.
The Contractor has the costs for all your selected finishes.  To the dismay of the Contractor, the total pricing for TI went down you recall that was an issue and the reason for pushing for your presentation of color and materials....
So it looks like you scored a perfect "10"!
Again, thanks for the hard work.

A.T., GSA/PBS/OCS Space Planner
Kudos to you Suzanne, thanks for going the extra mile on this one!!!

A.R., IRS  Project Manager
Thank you--I would also like to take this opportunity to say--it was a pleasure working with you--this is the first time that I had to work so closely with an architect firm--and adjustments are not always easy--but the transition was effortless and the outcome was very productive.  The professionalism and the technical assistance/expertise that I received from you and your co-workers was truly appreciated--thanks again.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

R.D., GSA Real Property Programs Div.
Thank you so much for all of your hard work ! ! ! !  I appreciate your patience and all the extra time you had to spend to get the job done ! ! !

Hi,  yes I am very pleased with Suzanne's work.  She did a great job -- and she sent us 2 copies of the final drawings.  Since I had never used this service before, I was not sure what to expect -- to say the least I was very impressed with the process and the results.  I hope if we ever need this service again that we can work again with Suzanne.

E.S., IRS Project Manager

Nice Job.  I like the new look for the open office area and Shared Conference Rooms.

M.L., US Bankruptcy Court
I just wanted to let you know that it is a pleasure working with you on our drawings.  You are extremely efficient and are able to quickly understand our design ideas and changes.

Thanks!  In case I haven't told you lately how much I have enjoyed working with you and how terrific you are . . . I have enjoyed working with you, you are a terrific person and interior designer.  
Thanks for everything!!

H.N., GSA/Realty Services Div
Thank you for the email below in further explaining your intentions.   It is my overall feeling and understanding that your firm does strive to be professional and thorough in the design services that it provides.   The detail given below is only further evidence of this.   

G.P., US Courts
I received your final Design Intent set today.  Haven't opened it yet, but seeing it reminded me that I have not said thank you to you, for all the work you've done and the patience and professionalism you exhibited while doing the work.  It was a pleasure to work with you.   Take care of yourself and I wish you continued success- you work hard for it.

P.M., GSA Senior Realty Specialist
Suzanne - I am sending you this STAR to say thank you for all of your patience, dedication, and all that it has taken to get this job done.

Just wanted to send you two a note of thanks for your professional manner and continued expression of knowledge in handling the project.  The meeting went very well yesterday because of you.  After I saw the 8 pages of questions and noticed the initial body language of the architect, I was concerned that they did not understand the value of our program and drawing package. But after the meeting--I know they were overwhelmed and I'm sure they understood the value of what we submitted and how much you put into getting the results to make our phase of this project a success that must be carried on.


Capabilities Statement
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