Accessory Design...


  • Black/white $0.09 ea.
  • Black/white double sided $0.14 ea.
  • Color $0.39ea.
  • Color double sided $0.63ea.
  • Color cardstock $0.57ea.
  • Color banner 12"x47" is $12.00ea
  • Silver Wire-o binding $10.00ea
  • Lay-flat GBC binding of your existing up to 2" paperback workbooks $15.00ea
  • Photobooks
  • Wall Canvas from your snapshots
  • Family Heirloom Legacy Photo Albums
  • Graphic Design services available if you do not already have your artwork
Specialize in Small Business and Homeschool printing

We can create anything you need on paper, cardstock or photographic papers.  Flyers, Invitations, Wall banners, Worksheets, Planners, Event Programs, Association Yearbooks.

Color banner ideas: timelines, birthday banner, congratulations banner

NOTE: We do not have a
regular storefront.  We work from digital files and/or special appointments.  We are in the Saucier / Tradition area.  Call for details 504.701.9994. 

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