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Interior Design with Elemental Design

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Interior Design

Space Planning


Sustainable Design



Elemental Design, LLC’s goal is to provide a well-thought out, functional space with a high quality detailed design to fit within every budget.  This goal is applied to renovation, reconfiguration and new construction projects.  The interior design process is integral part of the project from inception to follow up interviews after installation is completed.

The firm is driven by a passionate, values based commitment to improving the well-being of the company, society and the environment.  The firm approaches business as a holistic, restorative company.

Customer service is the cornerstone of the firm.  This is ensured by methodical application of the defined communication process.  Elemental Design, LLC’s clients become part of the interactive design team working toward a common goal.  This productive synergy is born from the free flow of concepts and ideas among the team and the application of the principals of the consensus process.  Elemental Design, LLC will focus on moderating between client, user groups and design team to define effective solutions to space planning and design concerns, insuring total client satisfaction.  A comprehensive programming process enhances the functionality of the final product.

Interior Design Services:
  •    Budget development
  •    Specification documents
  •    Design Development drawings and specifications
  •    Construction drawings and specifications
  •    Purchasing and installation
  •    Project management
  •    Inventory management
  •    Color Consultation
  •    Furniture reconfiguration
  •    Furniture selection / design
  •    Furniture Contract Coordination
  •    Signage specification and layout
  •    ADA workplace compliance studies
  •    Construction Finishes
  •    Branding
  •    Graphic design
  •    Post Installation Evaluation
  •    Office modernization
  •    Tenant Upfit / Tenant Build Out
  •    Face-lift (paint, organize, minor reconfiguration)
  •    LEED consultation

Tenant Upfit / Tenant Build Out:  In its simplest definition, a tenant upfit is the "fitting" of a newly acquired space to accommodate the tenant's specific needs. The process of renovation or new construction (build out) of the walls and other features to fit the new owner's business model and function.  Whether the upfit entails changes based on building codes, safety measures, function or just for the sake of aesthetics, Elemental Design can provide design services to create the best space for your company.

Space Planning

Space Planning is the process where the project programming is fit into a two-dimensional drawing.  While creating the space plan, the interior designer works through the three-dimensional puzzle to create possible solutions that fits as many of the clients wishes as possible.  The goal is to fit all the requirements within the constraints of the architectural shell and code requirements while creating a beautiful space that meets the budget.
A well designed office space should address fire and life safety codes as well as functional elements (such as security, traffic patterns, work flow, deliveries, lighting, furniture layout) and aesthetic elements.  For larger offices, a blocking diagram will work through departmental adjacencies prior to commencing the space plan.
Space Planning Services:
  • Space planning
  • Furniture reconfiguration
  • Efficiency review of existing office
  • Preliminary planning
  • Test fit for move
  • Schematic furniture design - set furniture location BEFORE you move in
  • Review functionality of plans and propose modifications prior to construction
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Work Space Evaluations
  • Space Standards Evaluation (BOMA & IFMA)
  • Space Utilization Evaluation
  • Reorganization | Restack Studies
  • Schematics
  • Code Analysis
  • New & Existing Furniture Reconfigurations


Programming is the map that leads the project team to the target, fulfilling your functional requirements.  The project team will assess your operations, staffing, facilities and future growth needs and then develop a comprehensive program to document your needs.
Programming phase services include facility analysis, data collection, furniture inventory, space requirements report and minimum performance specifications. Through the programming process, goals, implementation time frames, existing conditions and new facility requirements are documented and analyzed.  This analytical process clearly informs all the involved parties of the organizational goals, types and quantities of spaces required and level of build-out needed for the project to reach the target.
The Space Requirements Report can be used as a cost estimating tool or test fit to see if a particular property will meet your needs for short term or long term planning.
Programming Services:
  • Programming
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Utilization Studies
  • Blocking and Stacking Studies
  • Facilities planning
  • Budget development
  • Preliminary planning
  • Test Fit Studies for moves

Sustainable Design

In recent years, Sustainable Design or Green Design has received a lot of publicity.  Owner Harvey Dummer has honored the earth and practiced sustainability for more than 50 years.  He shared his values with his daughter, Principal Suzanne Dummer Stafford.  Suzanne is passionate about green design and has embraced the principals of sustainability since childhood. She spent her formative professional years in cities that highly value the environment.
Elemental Design believes design should be friendly to and honor the environment because that is the right thing to do, for ourselves and for our descendants.  Health and wellness should be part of everything we do, including our architecture and interiors.
Our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Commercial Interiors (CI) Accredited Professionals ensure that your project is performing in a sustainable, efficient and responsible way. We encourage and educate our clients on the advantages of building sustainably and are members of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).
Our staff is sensitive to the importance of environmental issues when specifying materials.  Whenever possible, recycled materials and renewable woods are considered and materials that have detrimental affect on the environment are avoided.  Our continuing education program includes research on new sustainable design technologies, materials and LEED and USGBC guidelines.
The human factor of sustainability of the positive effect on the people who inhabit and visit the space.  Sustainable design improves employee retention, recruitment, morale, productivity and health. 
The affect on staff and energy efficiency creates a marketing advantage and improves ROI.  This is a win – win solution for everyone.
Green Tips
  • Recycle Holiday Cards
  • Print e-mail and documents to PDF and save paperless in project file.
  • Free pdf printer  www.pdf995.com
  • FREE online editor to print just what YOU want to http://www.printwhatyoulike.com/
  • Eliminate plastic-bottled water.
  • Eliminate disposable cups, plates and utensils.
  • Use both sides of paper before recycling.
Purchase items thoughtfully to reduce packaging waste and buy in bulk if possible.


Elemental Design can provide planning services for renovations and new construction. 

Remodeling:  We can work with you to make sure the wall locations of your home are in the best location for how you will be using the home.  These changes are best done prior to start of construction.

Masterplanning: Work through design phase of all desired construction to ensure coordination.  Then work can be phased as desired due to budget and time constraints.  This will allow a cohesive design to be spread out as needed.

Construction finishes: assist with selection of interior hard finishes installed by a contractor (paint, wallcovering, flooring, light fixtures, cabinetry finishes, countertop finish, plumbing fixtures and hardware).  Finalizing all finishes prior to construction will allow construction to progress as scheduled.

If you are interested in decorating services, Elemental Design has partnered with several experienced interior designers to assist you.

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